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AsakusaTime table
Kita-SenjuTime table
Shimo-imaichiTime table
Kinugawa-onsenTime table
Kawaji-yumotoTime table
Yunishikawa-onsenTime table
Aizu-Kōgen-OzeguchiTime table
Aizu-TajimaTime table
Aizu-ShimogōTime table
Tō-no-hetsuriTime table
Yunokami-onsenTime table
Ashinomaki-onsenTime table
Nishi-WakamatsuTime table
NanukamachiTime table
Aizu-WakamatsuTime table
KitakataTime table

Stations in Free ride zone (examples from Shimo-Imaichi Station to Kitakata Station)


Only some trains stop at this station

Note: Free ride zones include from Shimo-Imaichi Station to Tōbu-Nikkō Station on the Tōbu-Nikkō Line, and from Aizu-Wakamatsu Station to Kitakata Station on the Banetsu West Line. Also, Free ride zones vary depending on the type of Free Pass you purchase.
Note the days on which run for Kitakata

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