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Historical Village, Aizu

This route takes you to "Ouchi-juku" where you feel as if you time-traveled to Edo era and the beautiful nature that looks ever more attractive under the summer sun. Don't forget the dining experience at the riverside terrace that you can only have in summer. Route First day Asakusa Station Revaty Aizu Aizu-tajima Station To no Hetsuri Ouchi-juku Ashinomaki Hot Spring Second day Ashinomaki Hot Spring Iris Park of Isasumi Shrine Nisshin-kan, Aizu Feudal Domain School (zazen experience) Higashiyama Hot Spring (dining at the riverside terrace) Aizu-wakamatsu Station Aizu Railway Relay Aizu-tajima Station Revaty Aizu Asakusa Station To no Hetsuri One of best scenic sites in the town with the long valley walls developed over a million years. The impressive landscape of a series of bizzare rocks is nothing short of the art piece the time has created. Cross the suspension bridge and go inside the valley wall to enjoy this magnificent view to the fullest. Ouchi-juku "Ouchi-juku" - a post station preserving the streetscape of Edo era till today. Townhouses with thatched roofs stood next to each other along the "Shimotsuke Way", the route connecting Aizu and Nikko, and the town served as the posting station for feudal lords […]