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The Autumn Colors of Aizu

You would not want to miss this route to visit "Shingukumanojinja Shrine" with the gorgeous golden carpet of foliage in this season and the famous site for fall foliage, "Enzoji Temple", in this beautiful time of the year. Route First day Asakusa Station Revaty Aizu Aizu-tajima Station Aizu Railway Relay Aizu-wakamatsu Station Nagatoko of Shingukumanojinja Shrine Strolling in the storehouse town of Kitakata Atsushio Hot Spring (irori cuisine) Second day Atsushio Hot Spring Enzoji Temple of Yanaizu Mt. Iimoriyama Wappameshi lunch at Takino Aizu-wakamatsu Station Aizu Railway Relay Aizu-tajima Station Revaty Aizu Asakusa Station Nagatoko of Shingukumanojinja Shrine Nagatoko was built as the front shrine of Shingukumanojinja Shrine and is supported by 44 big columns standing at regular intervals in five rows with no walls nor door - a hollow structure. An 800-yr.-old huge gingko tree stands in the property, and the golden leaves cover the ground in the fall foliage time, resembling the mesmerizingly gorgeous golden carpet. Storehouse town of Kitakata Storehouses of Kitakata have not been built for the tourism but are the real life partners where people live and use even today. There are more than 4,000 storehouses in/near Kitakata, not only along the major streets but […]