Aizu Route

  • Spring

    Features of Intermediate/Advanced Course

    If you are an intermediate or advanced cyclist, we strongly recommend pedaling through the three areas of Aizu (Minami-Aizumachi, Shimogomachi, and Aizu-Wakamatsu Station) with your bike.Features like the slope extending to Ouchijuku, the downhill of Hidamatoge, and a well-maintained Okawa Kitakata Cycling Road make it an enjoyable tour for intermediate and advanced cyclists. With the total distances exceeding 100km and a rather high elevation gain, the course offers a sufficiently challenging ride.You can choose from various options, including an overnight course for Minamiaizu area only, 3 days & 2 nights’ course across the three cities, etc. <Plan for two days: go around Minami-Aizu-machi for a hardy hiker> First day Asakusa Station TOBU Limited Express ‘Revaty Aizu’ Aizu-kogen-ozeguchi Station bike(23km) Maezawa Magariya Village bike(18km) Byobu iwa bike(0.5km) azuki-onsen azuki-onsen Stay Note: Walk to Aizu-Kogen Oze-guchi Station, located at the Entrance to Oze on the Aizu Plateau, carrying a folded bike Note: Even road followed by pleasant uphill road along the Uchikawa river the 2nd day azuki-onsen bike(18km) Big ginkgo in Furumachi bike(6km) michinoeki kirara 289 bike(25km) Aizu-tajima Station TOBU Limited Express ‘Revaty Aizu’ Asakusa Station <Plan for three days: a 150km-bike ride covers all the scenic spots in Aizu> First day […]

  • Spring

    Features of Beginner Course

    Aizu-Tajima Station is ideally accessible by direct express trains. Aizu-Wakamatsu Station offers rental cycle services. Enjoy bike rides in a breeze without having to bring your own bike. The downtown of Aizu-Wakamatsu is mostly flat, offering beginner cyclists an easy ride. Furthermore, scenic spots in the hilly mountain sides, where bike ride maybe a little tricky, are easily accessible by rental cars offered at Aizu-Tajima Station, etc. Ouchijuku, a town with the atmosphere of Edo era’s post station still very much tangible, is popular among tourists from inside and outside the country. Don’t miss it! While great accommodations are guaranteed in Ashinomaki and Yunokami hot springs, minshuku (guest houses) in Ouchijuku area can also offer a memorable stay. Guests are treated with a precious experience of staying in the Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings. <Plan for two days : enjoy nature in Aizu while driving and riding a bike in Aizu-Wakamatsu> First day Asakusa Station TOBU Limited Express ‘Revaty Aizu’ Aizu-tajima Station rental car To-no-hetsuri rental car ouchi-juku rental car Ashinomaki-onsen Ashinomaki-onsen Stay the 2nd day Ashinomaki-onsen rental car Aizu-Wakamatsu Station Change to a rental bike in front of Aizu-Wakamatsu Station, and sightsee in the city by bike […]

  • Winter History Original landscape Snow

    An easy trip from Tokyo
    The Center of Winter Sports

    Despite the quick access from Tokyo via express trains, "Aizukogen Takatsue Ski Resort" is famous for the fine "prime-quality" powder snow. Enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of mountains named in the 100 Great Mountains in Japan, while exhausting yourselves with winter sport like skiing and snowboarding! Route First day Asakusa Station Revaty Aizu Aizu-kogen-ozeguchi Station Lunch (local specialty of "Sauce Katsudon") Aizu Astoria Hotel*Enjoy winter sports at the Aizukogen Takatsue Ski Resort until totally exhausted! Second day So refreshing! Earlybird Snowcat Trial at Aizu Astoria Hotel Aizu-kogen-ozeguchi Station Aizu Railway Yunokami-onsen Station Ouchi-juku; Local specialty of Takato Soba for lunch Yunokami-onsen Station Aizu Railway Relay Aizu-tajima Station Revaty Aizu Asakusa Station Aizukogen Takatsue Ski Resort Famous for the fine "prime-quality" powder snow! Look over the distance, and you can see the magnificent panoramic view of mountains named in the 100 Great Mountains in Japan! On top of skiing and snowboarding, you can enjoy snowshoe trekking. Snowcat tour from the mountain peak to enjoy the more exciting scenery is our recommendation! Ouchi-juku A post station to preserve the townscape of Edo era - "Ouchi-juku". For lunch, enjoy the local delicacy of "Takato Soba" that Aizu feudal lord was impressed. The rule […]

  • Autumn History Original landscape Autumn leaves

    Rediscover nostalgic scenery!
    The Autumn Colors of Aizu

    You would not want to miss this route to visit "Shingukumanojinja Shrine" with the gorgeous golden carpet of foliage in this season and the famous site for fall foliage, "Enzoji Temple", in this beautiful time of the year. Route First day Asakusa Station Revaty Aizu Aizu-tajima Station Aizu Railway Relay Aizu-wakamatsu Station Nagatoko of Shingukumanojinja Shrine Strolling in the storehouse town of Kitakata Atsushio Hot Spring (irori cuisine) Second day Atsushio Hot Spring Enzoji Temple of Yanaizu Mt. Iimoriyama Wappameshi lunch at Takino Aizu-wakamatsu Station Aizu Railway Relay Aizu-tajima Station Revaty Aizu Asakusa Station Nagatoko of Shingukumanojinja Shrine Nagatoko was built as the front shrine of Shingukumanojinja Shrine and is supported by 44 big columns standing at regular intervals in five rows with no walls nor door - a hollow structure. An 800-yr.-old huge gingko tree stands in the property, and the golden leaves cover the ground in the fall foliage time, resembling the mesmerizingly gorgeous golden carpet. Storehouse town of Kitakata Storehouses of Kitakata have not been built for the tourism but are the real life partners where people live and use even today. There are more than 4,000 storehouses in/near Kitakata, not only along the major streets but […]

  • Summer History Original landscape

    My summer learning project!
    Historical Village, Aizu

    This route takes you to "Ouchi-juku" where you feel as if you time-traveled to Edo era and the beautiful nature that looks ever more attractive under the summer sun. Don't forget the dining experience at the riverside terrace that you can only have in summer. Route First day Asakusa Station Revaty Aizu Aizu-tajima Station To no Hetsuri Ouchi-juku Ashinomaki Hot Spring Second day Ashinomaki Hot Spring Iris Park of Isasumi Shrine Nisshin-kan, Aizu Feudal Domain School (zazen experience) Higashiyama Hot Spring (dining at the riverside terrace) Aizu-wakamatsu Station Aizu Railway Relay Aizu-tajima Station Revaty Aizu Asakusa Station To no Hetsuri One of best scenic sites in the town with the long valley walls developed over a million years. The impressive landscape of a series of bizzare rocks is nothing short of the art piece the time has created. Cross the suspension bridge and go inside the valley wall to enjoy this magnificent view to the fullest. Ouchi-juku "Ouchi-juku" - a post station preserving the streetscape of Edo era till today. Townhouses with thatched roofs stood next to each other along the "Shimotsuke Way", the route connecting Aizu and Nikko, and the town served as the posting station for feudal lords […]

  • Spring History Original landscape Snow

    Enjoy Aizu’s short spring to its fullest
    The Flowering Sights of Aizu

    This route takes you to "Maezawa Magariya Village", the settlement believed to be developed by Aizu samurais in the Middle Age, and "Tsurugajo Castle" that withstood the fierce fight of the Boshin War at the end of Edo era to feel the history of Aizu. You can also enjoy the flowery scenery you can only see in spring. Route First day Asakusa Station Revaty Aizu Aizu-kogen-ozeguchi Station Maezawa Magariya Village Maiden lily in Takashimizu Park Yunokami Hot Spring Second day Yunokami Hot Spring Field mustard land in Yagisawa Cherry blossoms in Tsurugajo Park Strolling along Nanuka-machi Station Nanuka-machi Station Aizu Railway Relay Aizu-tajima Station Revaty Aizu Asakusa Station Maezawa Magariya Village Residents in Maezawa district used to take care of horses as carefullly as of human beings, and "Magariya" is the architectural style to live with horses reflecting such tradition. Many "Magariya" still stand next to each other today. The village also houses the park and the museum. This area was selected as the important preservation district of historic buildings by the national government. Maiden lily in Takashimizu Park Maiden lily - the rare alpine plant growing naturally only around the Iide Mountain Range where three prefectures of Fukushima, Yamagata […]